Why Portsmouth is a great bet for renters leaving London

Letting   |   February 8, 2021   |   twentytwo


Are you looking to relocate out of London?

With so much talk about the exodus of renters from London in the wake of the pandemic, we thought we would share our reasons to come to Portsmouth.

The property press and national media has been highlighting the drop in rental values in London as a result of tenants turning their back on the city in favour of a more relaxed vibe.

And where could be better to choose to relocate than our own much loved Pompey?

The UK’s only island city has so much going for it and here are just a few reasons to tempt you to make Portsmouth your new home.

Wide open spaces – we have a wonderful seafront with plenty for everyone to enjoy whether you are a landlubber or enjoy a life on an ocean wave

Flat and accessible – cyclists will love our city as it is so easy to get about and there are plenty of cycle lanes

History – we’ve got so much history on our doorstep here with wonderful architecture that reflects our place as the home of the Royal Navy. Famous writers such as Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, Conan Doyle and H.G. Wells have called the city home at one time

Culture – in pre-Covid days our theatres and live music events were buzzing and there is a well established comedy scene. The University of Portsmouth attracts students from across the globe

Creativity – Grayson Perry studied art in the city and there is a thriving creative scene with street artists and fine artists attracted to the city by the sea

Fun – with Southsea Common sitting next to the beach, there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy fun times with friends. The space plays host to festivals including the annual Victorious shenanigans, a well established kite fest and on sunny days, you will find friends and families gathering for barbecues and outdoor games

There’s no denying the attraction of living by the sea and with good road and rail connections, you can access the rest of the UK from Portsmouth with ease. To find out more about renting a property from us click here.


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