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Scrolling through properties. Finding something perfect. That trip to IKEA. Turning the new key. Popping the champagne.

You focus on the exciting moments. Leave the rest to us.

Find your perfect home

Why buy your next property with Chinneck Shaw?

Four ingredients that make us different



Our team of estate agents are locals, born and raised. We love our area and luckily for you, we know it like the back of our hand



Maybe you’re a first-time buyer, or it’s been ages since your last move. We’re happy to advise and chat things through, don’t be afraid to ask.



Whatever pace you need, we can match it. Need to move quickly? We’re a proactive team of local property agents who can get searching for you straightaway.



We want to find the perfect match for you. This means we take the time to really listen to your requirements. We want to find you The One!

Need to figure out the value of your current home?

Let’s break it down

Buying – how does it all work?

Step 1

You talk, we’ll listen

Let’s have a chat and really get to know what you’re looking for. This is your chance to tell us about your dream home! We’ll put together a picture of all the requirements you’re after.

Step 2

Double-check your finances

Now’s the time to have a chat with your mortgage lender. If you need any guidance here we’d be happy to help out. Especially if you’re a first-time buyer, you may be searching for a bit of extra support along the way.

Step 3

We’re going on a house hunt

The Chinneck Shaw team of local estate agents can get searching. We can even take a peek at properties that haven’t hit the market yet, so you can get first pick.

Step 4

Let the property viewings begin

This is the exciting part. It’s important to take your time and ask as many questions as you like. Our virtual property viewings are great for a first look – watch whenever suits you, without leaving your sofa.

Step 5


There it is – your future home. It ticks all the boxes. Now you can chat with us and make your offer. We’ll talk with both parties to make sure the sale is agreed and everyone is happy.

Step 6

Dot the i's and cross the t's

Now you can head back to chat with your mortgage company about the agreed offer and find a solicitor. We’ll be on-hand throughout this stage to help you with getting all that paperwork ready. 

Step 7

Appoint a solicitor

If you don’t know who to use, we can provide introductions to local solicitors who know the area well. A recommended local solicitor often helps with a smooth transaction.

Step 8

Welcome home

Now there’s nothing left but to hand over the keys and get the boxes unpacked. Welcome to your new home.

The easy-as-pie guide to buying

A really clear (and free!) guide to buying a new home. Perfect for first-time buyers. Let’s keep it simple.

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