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Our promises

Selling a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. We get it! We know it can be a nail-biting process. That’s why we stick to our sales promises, made to reassure you throughout your time with us.

We promise…

  • To always work with you, so you can think of our team as your team.
  • To always give you same-day viewing feedback. No one likes waiting around!
  • To always be open with our communication. We’ll let you know about every single update, no matter how small.

Why Chinneck Shaw?

Four ingredients that make us different



There’s nothing worse than being kept in the dark, especially in an important transaction like a sale. We promise to always keep you in the loop so you never have to chase us.



First-time seller? Or haven’t sold in a very long time? You’ll want support, and that’s what we’re here for. Our knowledgeable sales team will put in the graft so your experience feels as stress-free as possible.



We use every tool at our disposal to create a buzz around your home. Giraffe360 creates virtual viewings that are time-saving, convenient and of pixel-perfect quality. Reduce your number of physical viewings with the option to view virtually.



We create tailored strategies for every property we market. We put together a written viewing plan of how to best show off your home, including high-quality photography and cutting edge graphics.

Let’s break it down

What does the process of selling a house look like?

Step 1

First things first

The first step is getting an accurate valuation so you can work out exactly how much you can expect from your sale.

Step 2

Legal business 

Appointing a local solicitor early on is a smart idea as you can start to get your documentation in order. We can help you with this.

Step 3

Prep & declutter

Now you can start prepping your home for sale. Decluttering rooms, tidying up the garden – and adding a lick of paint to the front door is always a good move.

Step 4

Let’s get marketing

We’ll promote your property on social media to generate interest around your home. We’ll advertise our high-quality photography and cutting edge graphics on leading property portals.

Step 5

Time to view

Your prospective buyers can now start viewing. Our accompanied viewings are followed by feedback and advice. And the option to view virtually means fewer people through your door, and more flexibility.

Step 6

The negotiation stage

Now your property is getting exposure, it won’t be long before offers start coming your way. Our experienced sales team can help negotiate the best deal for you.

Step 7

Dedicated sales progression 

Your personal sales progressor will liaise with all parties involved to keep the sale on track. Bumps in the road? We’ll smooth them out.

Step 8

Paperwork ready

A sale comes with a hefty amount of paperwork, but fear not – we’ll sift through the documents so you don’t have to. 

Step 9

You’re in business

Your contracts have been exchanged, you’re ready to go. Congratulations on a successful sale!


The straightforward guide to selling a house

Keep it fuss-free with our guide to selling. No nonsense, no jargon. Get ready to sell in no time.

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