Why a spring sale can be a blooming good idea

Selling   |   April 5, 2022   |   twentytwo


Here at Chinneck Shaw, we sell properties throughout the year.

While often important, seasonality is only one factor when it comes to an owner’s decision to instruct marketing.

Your personal circumstances and intentions will generally top the list of reasons.

Competition from other available homes locally can also be something to consider.

But, in our experience, there are two compelling reasons why selling a home in the spring can make perfect sense.

First, buyer activity.

As winter fades and spring comes into being, buyers are more prepared to go out house hunting. It’s human nature. People generally feel more upbeat and so are more likely to venture out in milder weather.

Finding a buyer

Even with web research often being a first step, the longer days make it more convenient for in-person viewings. Buyers can visit properties after work when it is still light.

Families with young or teenage children are a particularly active group searching for homes in the spring.

People in this category may want to plan ahead to be settled in a new home in time for September when the new school year starts. Searching in the spring gives time to achieve that. Some will also want to complete a move before the summer holidays.

Marketing in the spring also gives you the confidence of knowing you have some potentially good selling months ahead.

Unlike the autumn, you don’t have to rush before the onset of Christmas brings market activity to a stop as it tends to do. As a result, your negotiating position can be that bit stronger.

Looking your best

The second reason a spring sale makes sense, and very much linked to the idea of an  upbeat mood after winter, is that your home is likely to look its best to a buyer.

The longer daylight and lighter evenings can make your interiors look more airy and attractive.

And if you have outdoor space, the warmer weather boosts your al fresco appeal too. Your gardens and grounds are typically blossoming again. The colours and scents of flowers offer the prospect of a more engaging first impression of the exterior.

When gardens are full of colour, this is the ideal opportunity for photography to show off your property at its most tempting – especially on a sunny day.

Optimising value

A spring marketing campaign can of course be less relevant for flats or homes without gardens or outdoor space.

In these cases, and depending on your personal circumstances and the local market conditions, it may be wiser to choose a time of year such as autumn when the desire to be outdoors is less.

And some properties, because of their look, feel, angle or location, can simply be more attractive in winter months.

But the headline message for serious sellers, and indeed property investors looking to sell ahead of their next acquisition, is certainly to consider seasonality.

Whether spring, autumn or another time of year, tapping into seasonal trends can help you optimise your selling price.

Landlords should take note as well. The same arguments about seasonal factors and human behaviour apply to the marketing of properties for rent just as much as those for sale.

Like sellers, landlords should always try to secure a positive first impression and make sure they understand the dynamics of market demand at the time they want to highlight a property.

If you are looking to sell your home, we can help you through every stage beginning with a detailed expert valuation. For more information on our support for sellers, visit our sell pages. And for buyers, landlords and tenants, we have a range of really useful information on our property search pages.

You can also stay up to date on trends in the property market by receiving our quarterly newsletter.


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