Smartboards make it easy for buyers and sellers

General News   |   May 3, 2022   |   twentytwo


We have begun the rollout of digital QR codes on our physical property advertising boards, the first agent in Portsmouth or Southsea to do so.

Feedback from prospective buyers and sellers has been really positive.

Buyers say it is so helpful to be able to simply scan the code and receive all the essential property details they need right there and then on their phone.

Sellers say it is a brilliant way to share information about the property as part of wider marketing activity.

A QR code, the acronym standing for ‘quick response’, is increasingly common in marketing.

It is basically a very powerful barcode but unlike the simple horizontal strip you see on, say, supermarket products, it has a horizontal and vertical display of black and white squares that can hold more than a hundred times more information.

As well as being commonly used for paying restaurant bills, QR technology came into the mainstream during the pandemic because of test and trace.

We are really proud to be championing the use of QR codes in the residential property sector.

It’s all about making it easy for buyers and sellers.

Prospective buyers walking or driving past a property they are interested in simply stop and scan the code. They can find it very easily, fixed to the same post as a standard sale board.

Once the code is scanned, the technology returns instant access to all the details shown on the property listing.

The download includes the physical description, pricing, floor plans, photos and location information.

The enquirer can then contact us straight away as the agent and arrange a viewing.

We have introduced the technology in association with the property search portal OnTheMarket and smartboard supplier Kremer Signs.

Pictured putting up a smartboard in Portsmouth is our Associate Director Lizzie Burt.

QR codes are just the latest of many ways we are innovating in the process of property search.

Their rollout follows the recent introduction of another great facility to our website.

Locrating, added earlier this spring, shows all kinds of super-helpful, geo-referenced information on essential considerations about the surrounding area when you are searching for a property.

They include transport connections, school catchment areas, neighbourhood amenities, sold prices of other homes and, very importantly these days, the availability, connection type and recorded speeds of local broadband. For more about Locrating, read our blog.

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