At the core: what our mission and values mean for you

General News   |   July 1, 2022   |   twentytwo


You sometimes hear companies talking about their mission and values.

Some people might wonder what these are and think they are not important, perhaps a bit fluffy or remote.

Here at Chinneck Shaw, we believe they do matter.

In a nutshell, company values are those beliefs and behaviours that support the purpose – or mission – of an organisation.

It’s all about having a set of core principles that guide us, the cornerstones of our working culture if you like.

We took quite a bit of time and had lots of discussions among our team and other contacts to identify and distil into plain English our mission and values.

They needed to be authentic and meaningful, reflecting both our founding vision and how progress with the business continues to evolve.

Our mission statement is: “To provide the best service for people selling, letting, buying or renting property while creating a business we are proud of.”

Yes, it is simple and at first glance, obvious. But it is a really helpful benchmark or rallying point that stays with us every day.

To support and deliver our mission, we require a set of values – real, strategically sound beliefs that capture the strengths of our business.

Here are our values, and what they mean and look like in action –

Natural: It’s about being ourselves, honest, straight-talking and authentic. We never want to over promise. We deliver on what we say we’re going to do.

Entrepreneurial: We are forward-thinking and have a can-do attitude. We embrace technology, think outside the box and don’t stand still. We challenge the status quo and are prepared to put ourselves into a mindset where we take calculated risks.

Generous: We celebrate the success of clients and colleagues. We take an interest, making time to understand. We are kind and thoughtful, show good manners and offer support. We share in lighter moments with smiles and laughter.

Commercial: Smart and innovative, we seek opportunities to grow the business and strive for the tireless pursuit of the best results.

Sustainable: We do our bit to help the planet. We take action to progress our journey to net zero and we spread the word to encourage others to do the same.

Responsible: We are accountable for what we do, always seeking to do things right by our customers and colleagues. We are professional not frivolous. We act sincerely, respectfully, quickly and effectively to address any client issues.

Of course, it’s all very well to just create a list.

To reinforce our mission and values with practical action, we work hard to integrate them into all aspects of our decision-making.

They help us directly to evaluate team appointments, promotions and the management and delivery of all our services.

And we are keen to ensure they are visible and well promoted, hence this blog!

If you would like more information on Chinneck Shaw as a company, we’re always happy to speak with you.

Why not call us on 023 9282 6731 or email us at

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