Long dip or a blip

For those who listen to the radio regularley, you may have tuned in to Radio 4's 'The Money Box' program last week. For those who missed out, simply click the link below and listen through the BBC iplayer page. 

House price data released this week from two of the UK's biggest mortgage lenders point to lower prices for April, although still higher than a year ago. Estate agents from around the UK give their views and property analyst Kate Faulkner discusses what it might mean for buyers and sellers.

A new law which allows the financial affairs of missing people to be managed by close relatives was passed just before Parliament was dissolved ahead of the general election. What are the issues that people in this situation face and how will the Guardianship (Missing Persons) Act help them when it comes into force? We hear from Eddie whose son Carl has been missing since February last year and Susannah Drury, Director of the charity Missing People.

The Conservative Party says it plans to cap energy standard variable tariff prices if it wins next month's general election. A draft of Labour's manifesto is also promising a cap to keep domestic dual fuel bills below £1000 a year. Last year a report into the energy sector by the Competition and Markets Authority found that around seventy percent of domestic customers with the six largest energy firms are on default standard variable tariffs. It also rejected the idea of a widespread cap, instead recommending a temporary one for prepayment customers. Steve Thomas, Emeritus Professor of Energy Policy at the University of Greenwich and David Pike Co-founder of People's Energy discuss.