Leap into action with spring clean

Are you planning a spring clean? As the dust settles after Easter, a thorough mop, scrub and tidy-up is near the top of many householders’ ‘to-do’ list.

And this is even more important if you are thinking of capitalising on the ‘spring bounce’ in the property market and placing your house for sale.

Keeping a property tidy for viewings is another challenge, of course, but a well-presented, neat, clean and uncluttered home can make all of the difference in portraying a property in its best light.

Some handy tips include sitting down to plan your attack. List everywhere which needs cleaning and which need the most attention. 

Work methodically through the property and each individual room. Cleaning from top to bottom of a room is often advised as it means any dust or debris falls to the bottom of the room – and cuts out the need for any re-cleaning.

Don’t forget walls and windows, including blinds, curtains window sills. Remember to give windows a shine from outside too, to get the best results.

If cleaning does actually get up your nose, if may be that you are genuinely ‘allergic to cleaning’!

Winter dust collected on furniture and fittings can trigger allergic reactions or skin irritations. Wear protective clothing, check the labels of cleaning products and keep rooms ventilated if possible while you’re in action.

De-cluttering does not necessarily mean throwing lots of items away – it can simply mean making sure everything is stored away and organised in a tidy way. 

At the very least for viewings any clutter or loose items can always be popped in a bag and hidden away in a boot of a car on a temporary basis to keep them out of sight.

The Sylvane Indoor Health Matters website has a link to a handy quiz to test just how much you know about cleaning and how often things such as cleaning sponges should be changed.

Visit it at www.sylvane.com/blog/spring-cleaning-tips-and-checklist/#more-9501