Jargon buster: ‘conveyancing’

First time buyers could be forgiven for being confused with the amount of jargon involved in the property market.

‘Conveyancing’ is one of those terms which can be most misunderstood.  Essentially, conveyancing covers the legal and administrative work connected with transferring ownership of land or buildings from one owner to another.

Often a solicitor will perform the role but there are specialist conveyancing firms which carry out the same role.

A conveyancer will act in your interests and deal with all of the necessary paperwork. This can be where the process can be slow, especially if you are using a remote or online conveyancer.

It is always worth checking with the Portsmouth Property Association (PPA) first for a local firm with excellent local knowledge and a good depth of experience.

A conveyancer’s responsibilities also include ensuring all legal obligations are met, including the contracts, and that the mortgage is in place.

They will also organise pre-contract checks and enquiries, including planning consents, fixtures and fittings lists, and register your name a property with the Land Registry once the sale is completed.

On the Market, of which Chinneck Shaw is a member, has a handy explanation of the conveyancer’s role.

Read more here: Conveyancing -  https://www.onthemarket.com/content/conveyancing-advice-for-homebuyers/.