Homes England to unlock housing


An average of 300,000 homes could be built every year by the mid-2020s if a new Government housing agency lives up to its promises.

Homes England has replaced the Homes and Communities Agency, and will have new powers to secure land and support developers.

The revamp is set in the wider context of greater Governmental intervention in the property market over the past two years.

Most recently, in the PM’s Cabinet reshuffle, ‘Housing’ was added to the name of the Department of Communities and Local Government to better reflect the Government’s focus on new homes delivery.

Secretary of State Sajid Javid recently launched Homes England with a promise to get more people on the housing ladder.

Targets also include improved roads, more affordable and better quality new homes, more construction on brownfield sites and a focus on innovative new methods of construction.

Any positive measures by the Government to support the property market and encourage the construction of more and better quality homes is to be welcomed although any policies must result in meaningful changes at a local level.

We will watch with interest and keep you informed.