Flats vs houses – which property type performs better in Portsmouth?

Our latest Portsmouth Property News bulletin is out now – including a fascinating comparison of flats and houses in the city.

We’re often asked which perform better – flats or houses. Over the past decade the total rate of price growth for flats has been 18.2 per cent with the average price now sitting at £142,000.

This compares with 48.2 per cent growth for houses, which have an average sold price of £244,000.

Of course, there is much more to the story than figures as each area will have its own unique characteristics.

For example, some areas may have fewer flats which means those that do become available are snapped up.

Our bulletin includes easy to understand graphics showing the relative prices of flats and houses in Portsmouth as well as sales levels and a breakdown of different types of properties too.

Interestingly, the number of terraced houses by far outweighs the number of houses and flats. Indeed it is double the number of flats, detached and semi-detached properties combined.

Whatever type of house you are selling, we can help with unrivalled experience and local knowledge of the area and property market.

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