Draw on architectural excellence

New research has shown that well-designed homes command a 12 per cent premium on average over their neighbours.

Specialist agency The Modern Houses also found that the higher the price, the larger the premium; homes selling for more than £1m fetched 19 per cent more than their less well-designed neighbours.

It used data from 14,000 sales in London to reach its conclusions. It’s all about natural light, a good flow of space, invention, originality, passion and ‘spatial drama’, apparently.

Design, of course, can be hugely personal and a matter of taste, and the London market does tend to exist in a bubble.

However, the findings do show that it is always worth maximising your home to its best potential – whether that’s in home improvements such as extensions or a new bathroom or when placing a property on the market.

Read more about some of the luxury design concepts and high-end architectural innovations at https://www.telegraph.co.uk/luxury/property-and-architecture/design-premium-good-architecture-can-increase-value-home/