Damping down expectations

Tobacco smells, pet odours, outdated décor, old wiring and poor maintenance – they all feature in a new list of the pet hates which put prospective buyers off a property.

Unsurprisingly, damp was top of the list with 69 per cent of those questioned saying stains on walls and ceilings would be a dealbreaker for them.

The research, commissioned by GoCompare home insurance, found 63 per cent of people would turn their nose up at a property because of unpleasant smells.

Other major obstacles to any sale included a property being in a poor state of repair, no parking and broadband blackpots.

 Also on the list were:

  • Outdated or over the top fittings and décor
  • Old wiring
  • Old boiler or central heating system
  • Poor maintenance and an unkempt appearance
  • Broken boundary walls or fences
  • Overgrown garden
  • Student neighbours
  • Dilapidated property next door
  • Close proximity to a major road or motorway

We hope your home doesn’t have too many of these – there are some you can change and some completely beyond your control.

If you are thinking of placing your home on the market, it is worth tackling some of the major dealbreakers if you can.

Our friendly and expert team have years of experience and local knowledge, so we can advise about which issues to tackle first as well as more positive ways to make your home stand out when prospective buyers visit.

 For more details visit http://www.naea.co.uk/news/july-2018/the-top-20-property-turn-offs-revealed/.