Creating kerb appeal for your property

Leaflets and online galleries can help bring a property to a potential buyer’s attention, but the viewing is where the real decision is made.

Our friendly and professional sales advisors at Chinneck Shaw can offer great advice about how to make sure your property looks it best.

There are handy tips elsewhere on this website but it is worth thinking about the following too.

So-called ‘kerb appeal’ is absolutely vital – it is the first chance prospective buyers will have to see a property with their own eyes.

It is worth sprucing up the front of the house – clean the windows, tidy up the front garden, perhaps give the door a coat of pain and dust down any cobwebs.

Turning a critical eye to the interior is crucial too. The obvious points are to make a sure a house is clean and tidy. And we can’t say it often enough: declutter, declutter, declutter.

It will give a sense of space and give potential buyers a blank canvas to envisage how they could make their own mark and fill the space.

It may be worth redecorating or undertaking any minor repairs, but please do speak to your estate agent first as much may depend on property values in your area and the benefit of spending out.

There are plenty of other relatively simple measures to take for a hospitable welcome at viewings: 

  • Make sure the house is warm or cool enough
  • Keep pets outdoors
  • Banish odours – perhaps brew some coffee or buy some flowers

Our team can offer plenty more tips – and even carry out a ‘walk though’ of your property to suggest measures to optimise its selling potential.