Casting light on Autumn house sales

With the nights drawing in, October has well and truly arrived along with the traditional Autumn bounce in the housing market.

At this time of year, it is important to show your property in its best light to potential buyers – quite literally.

Wherever possible, ensure viewings are arranged earlier in the day as a property will usually look its best in daylight rather than on dark evenings.

Even inside – and especially if you are hosting viewings at night – switch on all the lights to make it as bright as possible. This applies during the day too.

And don’t forget to switch on the heating at this time of year to give a warm welcome to prospective buyers.

Even if the property is currently vacant, try to arrive half an hour early to make the property nice and cosy before your viewing arrives.

The aim is to make your prospective buyers recognise that your house or flat is a warm and secure place which they would be happy to call home.

Of course, our usual advice also applies – make sure your property is clean and tidy inside and out, and kept as clear as possible of clutter. Lighting a fire or scented candles may also add to the ambience.

Lastly, don’t forget first impressions. Make sure your property has ‘kerb appeal’ with clean windows and neat front gardens or yards. And – remembering it’s Autumn – make sure all of those leaves are swept up and kept well out of sight.