All under the same roof …

There’s so much to be said for keeping everything under the same roof - and that principle has been the key to our success.

Our talented team all operate from our stylish HQ in Copnor which is ideally situated to access the whole of the island of Portsea and beyond.

While some agencies have different branches and even outsource some elements of their workload (some use overseas teams to deal with sensitive issues such as rent arrears and accounts departments can be based hundreds of miles away), we prefer to deal with everything in-house.

“We’ve placed a great deal of care into assembling the best possible property management team to ensure we can offer a seamless experience for all our clients.

“The team who take on properties are the same ones conducting viewings and dealing with the tenancy throughout, they know and care about the properties, the tenants and our clients,” said Director, Neil Shaw.

Where contractors are used for activity such as property maintenance, we have been working with them for many years and we’ve built a relationship of trust.

Keeping everything centralised doesn’t mean we are lagging behind the curve, in fact we’ve adopted the latest tech to allow us to provide the best possible service during the pandemic and lockdown restrictions.

We can:

  • connect remotely to our work desktop wherever we are in the world, making working from home easy
  • desk phones have been plugged in at home so incoming calls can be answered swiftly and calls can be transferred with the press of a button 
  • mobiles are connected to the office phone network so office calls can be taken on the go

Our team is using InventoryBase, a new piece of software that digitises inventories. It means reports can be generated and have photos added, then emailed to the new tenants so they can make their comments and add photos remotely. The reports are then kept online for the duration of the tenancy, they can be added to and used for interim inspections and checkouts.

And Property Manager, Joe Rocks, explained how Goodlord, a pre-tenancy platform is helping too.

“Goodlord allows us to streamline our referencing and contract generation, it enables us to have secure payment of ‘moving in’ money, digital signing of all tenancy documents and it automatically distributes all of the legislative documents we need to issue. 

“This keeps us, our clients and the lets compliant with ever changing legislation. As part of our new relationship with goodlord we can start to offer some clients a ‘rent guarantee policy’ on new lets, an ever attractive policy especially in today’s climate.”