A fresh look at property viewings

Read our latest Ask the Expert column - this time by our Manager Lizzie Burt: 

Q: I’ve just placed my house on the market – what can I do to make it more attractive to potential buyers?

A: Spring and early summer are always a busy time in the property market.

There are a number of ways to make your home more enticing to potential buyers during viewings or open house days.

Keeping it neat and tidy should be a given, but there are a few handy hints which can be quickly and easily followed when a viewing is imminent.

One way of clearing the clutter immediately prior to a viewing is to grab a washing basket and sweep through the house removing such items as paperwork, laundry, shoes, toys and so on; then pop the basket in your car or shed where it is out of sight.

Swapping towels for freshly laundered ones or new fluffy white ones especially for viewings can also help make a good impression – and the same goes for making up the bed in the master bedroom.

Open a window to let fresh air into the house or make sure the heating is on if it’s on the cool side.

Having lamps, overhead and low level lights on can also help create the right atmosphere along with some low and relaxing background music.

Spray beds with a slight dash of perfume, pop a tumble drier sheet in the bottom of your bins and place some flowers or foliage in a vases to make sure your home smells as good as it looks.

Finally, ensure the front of your home is sparkling and tidy. You really do never get a second chance to make a first impression.

These are just some of the pointers which can help show your house in the best possible light. We have plenty more, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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