A Day in the Life of…managing director Neil Shaw

Welcome to our new ‘A Day in the Life of…’ feature giving a glimpse behind the scenes at Chinneck Shaw from various members of our team. 

Our managing director Neil Shaw sets the ball rolling with his everyday responsibilities and some funny anecdotes….

“On a day to day basis, I’m involved with the successful running of the business with some of my primary responsibilities including compliance with legislative changes, staff management, customer service, planning and so on.

“I still have a good relationship with many of our long standing clients and tenants from my involvement in the lettings side of our business.

“I’ve always valued these personal relationships which have been built over many years, and there have been a few funny moments along the way too.

“I remember visiting a flat in Hilsea once, when the tenants weren’t expecting me. They weren’t supposed to have any pets.

“While waiting outside I noticed a cat sitting on the ground floor windowsill looking out of the window at me. The tenant must have seen me and the cat – as I looked away, out of the corner of my eye I saw the cat unceremoniously yanked from the window.

“I don’t remember the outcome but it still makes me smile. Poor kitty!

“Then, there was the tenant who gave her notice to vacate 24 hours after moving in to a flat because it was haunted.

“Another occasion which sticks in the memory is when we once recovered possession of a pet shop.

“The place looked pretty empty although it wasn’t until sometime after that we discovered the pond in the back yard had 30 koi carp in it, which we managed to rehome!”