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Regulated by the RICS – for your peace of mind and protection

RICS is the leading organisation of its kind in the world for professionals in property, construction, land and related environmental issues. Governed by a Royal Charter, it means that first and foremost RICS has a duty to act in and protect the public interest.

When engaging a firm “Regulated by RICS”, it is reassuring to know that as well as providing the service you need, it is also regulated by a world renowned and respected professional body.

In a world where people, governments, banks and commercial organisations demand greater transparency and certainty of professional standards and values, attaining RICS status is the recognised mark of property professionalism.

The designation “Regulated by RICS” after a firm’s name offers you unrivalled security and expertise right through the letting process.

Protection of client’s money

RICS fund a Client’s Money Protection Scheme. This is a free service provided by RICS to clients of firms that are regulated by RICS.

Client’s who entrust money to firms regulated by RICS are protected in the unlikely event that money is mishandled.