Is kitchen extension a recipe for success?

Clients often ask us whether it is worth getting a kitchen extension.

Kitchens have become much more than a simply a place to cook food these day. Spacious and open kitchen-diners are still very popular, offering extended living space.

For some householders a larger cooking space may represent an investment to add value to their property.

For those for whom cooking has become an all-consuming passion, a well-equipped and spacious kitchen is more of a hobby space rather than a functional room to rustle up dinner.

An article in the Portsmouth News, first published on Houzz, gives some valuable advice and the pros and cons of a kitchen extension.

It includes tips about ensuring any extension opens up the rest of the house and links to outside space.

Crucially, one of the key points is to ensure any extension to the rear of a property does not block out sunlight to the existing house. Adequate glazing and a good design will help minimise this risk.

Other pointers include thinking creatively about a different style – perhaps more contemporary if your house is a traditional Victorian or older property, to provide a stylish and eye-catching contrast.

Roof windows and double or bi-fold doors can assist with ventilation and design in any kitchen extension, and help to provide a ‘soft’ divide between different parts of the extension and original house.

Ultimately, any kitchen extension has the potential to add value to your home but it can depend on the scale of work being carried out, cost and house prices in your area.

It also depends on your own plans: are you intending to stay in the house for some time, sell or rent it out?

One ‘golden rule’ outlined in the article in the News is that the main route from the house to the garden should not go through the working space of the kitchen’ – this guiding principle may be of help when you come to design your new extension.

Architects and builders will also be able to help, and don’t forget that you may well need some form of planning consent or at least approval from the council’s planning control.

Our experienced and friendly team can also advise about the merits of a kitchen extension and other home improvements when it comes to increasing the value of your home.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also read the article in the Portsmouth News here: