Cool tips to hot up your property

Giving your home a stylish look needn’t cost the earth – especially if you are looking to freshen up your house ready to go on the market or have just moved in and money is short.

A recent article by homes blogger Maxine Brady lists her top tips for eye-catching interiors which won’t break the bank.

The first is to experiment with paint effects, whether it’s a feature wall, a mural or different styles of finish.

Maxine suggests You Tube to pick up some ideas and for ‘How To’ videos. Remember not to be too outlandish if you are thinking of selling though!

Blending old with new is one of the tricks of the trade. So perhaps combine a vintage table with a shiny new lamp or refashioned chairs with some modern cushions.  It creates a chic look which is interesting and contemporary.

Shedding some light on the matter will help too. So get some new light fittings, whether it is new spotlights or eye-catching yet inexpensive lampshades.

Homeware with a brushed or matt metallic finishes can bring a touch of glamour for furniture, cushions, lighting and bathroom accessories. Chromes, coppers and golds can work very well, says Maxine.

She says that shopping around over a period of time rather than going on a spending splurge all at once will bring variety and be easier on the pocket.

Moving the furniture around and playing with the layout of your home can work wonders to freshen up the ambiance too.

And finally… banish clutter! We’ve said this time and time again, as regular readers will know!

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